Aditya Thackeray officially appointed MDFA President

Aditya Thackeray was officially appointed President of the MDFA (Mumbai District Football Association). The 26 newly elected members of the Executive Council unanimously decided on appointing Thackeray as the President of the association during their first meeting on Friday evening.

The Yuva Sena leader had garnered the highest number of 147 votes in the elections, which is for a four-year term (2017-18 to 2020-21), last weekend.

The Council members also co-opted Dr. Vijay Patil, Dr. P.V. Shetty, Bimal Parikh and Anil Parab to the Executive Committee. Patil will serve as the Chairman, while Parab has been drafted as one of the four Vice-Presidents. Shetty and  Parikh will be the Advisors.

Udyan Banerjee and Shodhna Shetty retained their posts as the Hon. Gen. Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Souter Vaz, Suzzane Chowdhry, Sudhakar Rane and Anil Parab are the Vice-Presidents, while the four Assistant Secretaries are Anoop Dubey, C.K. Shetty, Salim Ansari and Henry Picardo.

The office bearers:

President: Aditya Thackeray.

Chairman: Dr. Vijay Patil.

Vice Presidents (4 nos): Souter Vaz, Suzzane Chowdhry, Anil Parab, Sudhakar Rane.

Hon. Gen. Secretary: Udyan Banerjee

Assistant Secretaries (4 nos): Anoop Dubey, Henry Picardo, C.K. Shetty, Salim Ansari.

Treasurer: Shodhna Shetty.

Executive Committee Members: Digamber Kandarkar, John Almeida, Jacinto D’Silva, Vilas Rane, Suresh Banjan, Anthony Rodrigues, Nasir Hussain, Conrad Pereira, Darryl D’Souza, Krishna Pawle, Ryan Menezes, Firmin D’Souza, Ajit Sawant, Farahan Butt, Salvador D’Souza, Salim Ansare and Ganesh Madkar.