Cholesterol & Triglycerides are two biggest terrorists responsible for human destruction – Dr.Bimal Chhajer

“People in our country often discuss about the most dangerous terrorists wanted for killings of thousands of people. But, they are not serious about two biggest terrorists who are more dangerous for human destruction,” said Dr. Bimal Chhajer , founder of SAAOL Heart Centre. Dr. Chhajer was delivering a humour filled talk on ‘Reversing heart Disease’ at Club Emerald today. The founder of Club Emerald had organised a full day seminar for members and special invitees at his club, to create awareness about Heart Lifestyle Training programme. Dr.Chhajer is recipient of several prestigious awards and has worked at AIMS Delhi for six years, before starting his own heart care centre ‘SAAOL’.

Dr.Bimal Chhajer(left) with Mr.Jaswant Mehta ( Founder of Club Emerald)

Dr.Bimal Chhajer(left) with Mr.Jaswant Mehta ( Founder of Club Emerald)

In a simple way, Dr.Chhajer first explained the causes of heart attack and then explained the way to avoid this deadly ailment. He further explained how important was diet in reversing heart disease. Dr. Chhajer pointed out how some of the food manufacturers were cheating the consumers. Citing one example, he pointed out the misleading marketing strategy by some of the manufacturers of products selling products containing triglycerides. “Such products are often advertised as ‘Cholesterol Free’. But, they never admit that it contains triglycerides, which is equally dangerous for heart.”


He advised all the participants to follow natural vegetarian diet and perform regular exercise and practice Yoga. However, he emphasized more on zero oil diet to avoid heart ailments and also reversal of heart disease. Actually, the breakfast and lunch served to participants during the full day seminar was cooked without oil. In the post lunch session, there was actual demonstration of cooking some popular dishes without oil, which impressed many housewives, who attended  this seminar. Speaking about today’s  change in lifestyle, he said that ‘Stress’ was also responsible for heart attacks among youngsters. “Fat starts depositing , when the body attains full growth around the age group 18-20 years and thereafter it may take 10, 20 or 40 years to find blockage of arteries, if proper diet is not observed. But, today heart attack occurs at the age of 30 years. Besides stress two more factors add risk and they are smoking and drinking alcohol,” he further added.


During his interaction with audience, When Dr. Chhajer was pointed out by one of the participants  about the  message of Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) about cholesterol , wherein it was mentioned that “cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for over consumption”, he stated that this was their finding , which was announced in February 2015 and it became viral on social networking. But, later The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)  began working on this issue. And, in  March 2015, Neal Barnard presented oral testimony at the National Institutes of Health, stating that “for all its good work, the Committee made a scientific error on cholesterol and to carry this glaring mistake into the Guidelines is not scientifically defensible”. Further, in January 2016, the PCRM filed a lawsuit alleging that the DGAC recommended dropping limits on dietary cholesterol, motivated by industry pressure, according to documents recovered by the PCRM under the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released in January 2016, retained recommendations for Americans to limit cholesterol consumption. “Surprisingly, this development didn’t go  viral,” he added.

Today, Dr.Chhajer practices his ‘Reversal of heart disease’ through his ‘Saaol’ for the past 22 years and has treated 1,10,000 patients with his training programme. For more details visit his official website