“Folk Fitness’ offers customised workout programme for all”- Kartik Ananth

With the rise in Lifestyle ailments, there is spread of awareness about fitness.  More and more people are joining Gyms and fitness centres. Some of them are opting for Yoga and Meditation courses. But, many people after some time, turn their back to Conventional form of exercises. Therefore Fitness experts come up with new ideas to explain how their workout is the best for people from all age groups.

Kartik Ananth

Kartik Ananth

One such new form of group exercise called ‘Folk Fitness’ has been introduced by Ashwin Pandey, Aarti Pandey and Manoj Upreti and it is gaining popularity in our country. Claimed to be the most popular result oriented fitness routine globally, ‘Folk Fitness’ follows Holistic Fitness of Body , Mind and Soul and it is based on our own Indian music which has been used from different parts of states.

In fact, ‘Folk Fitness’ is a concept which is First “ Make In India” fitness product  and  aspires to assist in skill development program, provide earning opportunity & self sufficiency to almost 1.2 lacs fitness professionals in 5 years especially in Tier 2/3 cities across gender, demography & diaspora. Folk Fitness is the only fitness regime which has a holistic workout approach. It provides 122 dance styles and has the merger of Indian folk dance combined with the science of fitness. The videos displayed on you tube and some celebrities talking about the benefits of this new cardio exercises, speak for themselves.

Magzmumbai spoke to Kartik Ananth , who is  a certified Folk Fitness Yuva trainer who conducts ‘Folk Fitness’ classes at various locations. Having done many events at various malls in Mumbai, now Kartik  would like to take an opportunity to showcase this fitness routine to the public at Metro Junction Mall.  “ Folk Fitness’ offers customised workout  programmes for different age groups.  For Kids we have ‘Nanhe’, for adults it is ‘Yuva’ and for senior citizens they offer ‘Pranam’. Our whole concept is to have ‘Fit India’,” he said.

‘ Folk Fitness Yuva’ is specially designed programme for youth and comprises of  full body workout routine comprising of cardio vascular, upper body, lower body, core strength, overall endurance and flexibility components for enhancing the very energy and power of Young India.