‘Khatik Sena’ office inaugurated on Sunday in Mumbai


‘Khatik Sena’, the social organization formed to protect the interests of ‘Khatik Samaj’ is garnering greater strides ahead with the mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and fighting for the rights of Dalits, Tribals, Adivasis and Backward caste people. The patron of “Khatik Sena”, Mr. Udit Raj, MP representing the North-West Delhi constituency, National President Sanjay Raj Khatik, National General Secretary & Member of Northern railway Indresh Chandra Khatik, National Organisation Minister Rajkumar Khatik and many other office bearers had recently appointed Kiran Titoriya as the ‘Maharashtra State Incharge/Head’.On the afternoon of Sunday, 7th January 2018, the Maharashtra State Office was inaugurated at 5, Anand Complex, Indralok Phase 6, Opp: RBK Global School, Bhayandar (East), Thane district, Mumbai, amidst a grand function and in the special presence of National General Secretary of ‘Khatik Sena’ Shri Indresh Chandra Khatik who is also a member of Northern Railway in Delhi.


Kiran Titoriya Khatik, the newly appointed Maharashtra State Incharge along with Harshad Khatik, President of Mumbai, Dharmendra Sonkar Khatik, Maharashtra State President and other office bearers of ‘Khatik Sena’ presented bouquet to the guest Indresh Chandra Khatik and also presented him with mementos and certificate.

Kiran Titoriya Khatik, Indresh Chandra Khatik and others

Kiran Titoriya Khatik, Indresh Chandra Khatik and others


Speaking on the occasion, Indresh Chandra Khatik said, “Khatik Samaj spread across 12 states have been certified as scheduled castes.I want our Khatik Samaj people from other states also be recognized too. This will help our people to come forward and progress in all walks of their life. In Delhi we are building a hub for Khatik samaj which will offer free civil services to our youth and other services including education and impart necessary training.This will encourage people from our community to come forward and grow and also highlight the samaj’s name too.”


Kiran Titoriya Khatik thanked Indresh Chandra Khatik for coming to Mumbai and illuminating the organization with his advice and thoughts and encouraging the people too.On this occasion,Indresh Chandra Khatik,Kiran Titoriya, Harshad Khatik,Dharmendra Sonkar Khatik, Shushant Pawar, Mithlesh Kumar Khatik,Shyam Lal, Shubhasha Chand Khatik,R D Sonkar,S G Patil,Suraj Gajanan Ingole and others participated in the program.