Krisha Agarwal stars in Hindu Gymkhana’s successive victories

P.J. Hindu Gymkhana’s Women’s team comprising of Krisha Agarwal, Neeta Kulkarni and Maria D’sa celebrated their opening day of the Mumbai City District TT Association’s First Division Inter Club Women’s Table Tennis League at the NSCI today evening.

Krisha Agarwal

Krisha Agarwal

The Gymkhana girls defeated MLWB-NMJ 3-1 in their first encounter, with Krisha winning both her singles against Nandini Sawant and Shanica Kadam. Earlier, Krisha combined well with Neeta Kulkarni to win the crucial doubles match. The only match the Gymkhana team lost was that of Neeta Kulkarni who narrowly lost to young Shanica kadam 2-3 in a well contested five games battle. One should appreciate Neeta’s  passion for this game and to find time for these matches, in spite of her busy and responsible work schedule, as Asst Commissioner of Customes & Excise, Mumbai.

In their second encounter the same evening, Krisha once again proved her supremacy, winning both her singles matches against Garware Club’s Tiya Harlaka and Hiya Doshi. Though Hindu Gymkhana dropped one match with Neeta losing to Hiya Doshi, she once again combined well with Krisha to win the doubles match, to give her team 2-1 lead. They now take on MLWB-KKB women in their third encounter on Tuesday evening.

PJ Hindu Gymkhana A and B team players pose for a photo after their match.

PJ Hindu Gymkhana A and B team players pose for a photo after their match.

The Men’s A and B teams of PJ Hindu Gymkhana led by Saurabh Mohite and former international Suhas Kulkarni respectively, had to fight with each other, to open their account. And, their A team scored a 3-0 victory over their colleagues. For the A team, Saurabh Mohite, Tanmay Rane & Parthav Kelkar won their matches against Soham Rane, Om Lotlikar & Suhas Kulkarni respectively.

Earlier during the day, in the Women’s inter office section, Reserve Bank of India represented by Shweta Parte & Shruti T. also scored two successive wins against  their opponents BEST & I.O.’B’. In the other Women’s Inter Office matches played today, Air India beat IOC A,LIC beat BEST.

Other Results:   

Women’s Inter Club: MLWB-KKB beat NSCI 3-0, MLWB-KKB-A beat Garware Club3-0.

Men’s Inter Office: New India Assurance beat Sachivalaya 3-2, Air India beat MbPT 3-0

Men’s Inter Club : Parsee Gymkhana beat  MLWB-KKB ‘E’  3-1( Zubin Taraporewala winning both his singles)

MLWB-KKB D beat MLWB-KKB ‘A’ 3-1.