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‘Street Konnect’ receives overwhelming response

‘Street Konnect’ ( S.K.) the community connect street festival of ‘art,innovation and creativity’ organised by the residents of Thakur Village,kandivali, received an overwhelming response.

Core Group of Street Konnect

Core Group of Street Konnect

The fine efforts of the organisers, comprising of enthusiastic women and young children, proved that any activity which is offered to the community; for their benefit, is always welcome. In spite of being a Sunday morning, many enthusiastic families came out in the open, to join various activities and fitness workshops, held at the street venue, adjacent to Oberoi Park View in Thakur village.

It all began at 7 am in the morning today, with Yoga for good health workshop by Shreyas Maskare, also displayed some Power Yoga practices to the participants. Then, it was time for group exercise, aerobics conducted under the guidance of Estalita Pinto. Boxing and kick boxing training was offered by Asian Games Medal winner Bala Shetty of Total Combat Fitness and dance and DJ’s workshops were conducted by Roshan Manskhani. The atmosphere was conducive for the entire family, as there were also creativity workshops for children, like painting, pottery, meditation and above all the Mooz Graffiti by Raj Pathare.

Sagar Pitale, who is a sailor by profession and resident of Thakur Village, demonstrated various exercises like ball rotations, hula- hoop for improvising mental alertness, muscle power & concentration power. Highintensity interval &Body weight training session was conducted by DUMBELLED Fi45,while young artist Raj Pathare encouraged the children , with his Mooz Graffitti art.

There was a demonstration on saving water, while washing dishes and also making useful things from waste items. A bench was created by the team comprising of tying the bunch of used mineral water bottles in reverse position. There were many such creative ideas displayed by Azeer Attari, Mukund Iyer, Shahveer Irani, Wasim Noori and Areen Attari. The intention of the group was to show, how waste items can be used to make handicraft goods. It was a creative act for the benefit of children.street konnect keisha

The story telling session in the kids zone conducted by Nehal Parikh also received good response. There was a session for parents and children together. There were other artistic work also on display with briefing by Shaheen Desai, Aria Ohri, Afshan N Laljee and many others at different stalls. There was also a stall put up by Just Books’ for book lovers. Last but not the least, Krackofast took care of the apetite, of around 3500 vistitors, during this five hour event in the morning. All in all, it was a group of all creative people brought together by the organisers of ‘Street Konnect’ volunteers, who don’t want any individual to be named for credits, as they believe in a team work.

Good thing about the festival, was that it was a combined effort, with people living in this area, voluntarily contributing for the cause, instead of inviting sponsorship and advertisers. Social networking media was used to conduct this event. “There will be many such ‘Street Konnect’ events in near future, to encourage local talents,” said the Core group of organisers, before concluding their event by 12 noon. So, we look forward to see a bigger event next time from this group, who have set a precedent for others, who are living a materialistic life in the city of Mumbai.