Ruchira,Dev, Zubin & Mustafa shine in 1st Div’n Inter-Club TT

Ruchira Manerkar( MLWB-KKB’B’), Dev Shroff( MLWB-KKB’A’), Zubin Taraporewala( Parsee Gymkhana) and Mustafa Manager( CCI-A)  were the stars of second day, in the first division inter Club Table Tennis league which is being played under the auspices of Mumbai City District Table Tennis Association (MCDTTA) at NSCI, Mumbai.

Ruchira manerkar( 2nd from Right) is all smiles after winning both her sigles against PJHG team. Others in photo are maria D'sa, Neeta Kulkarni,Anagha Joshi & Krisha Agarwal.

Ruchira Manerkar( 2nd from Left) is all smiles after winning both her singles against PJHG team. Others in photo are Maria D’sa, Neeta Kulkarni,Anagha Joshi & Krisha Agarwal.

Though the victories scored by Dev, Zubin & Ruchira helped their respective teams to record two wins today, the valiant  efforts of young Mustafa Manager went in vain, as his team CCI lost both the matches in spite of his three wins in two matches. Mustafa beat hard hitter Sarosh Shroff in four games, but did not receive support from his team mates and his team first lost to Parsee Gymkhana, with star player Zubin Taraporewala winning both his singles matches.

Mustafa Manager

Mustafa Manager

In the last match of the day, Mustafa once again displayed his skills against well balanced side of PJ Hindu Gymkhana ‘A’ and went on to beat Parthav kelkar in straight games in the very first match, giving his team a flying start.

Zubin Taraporewala

Zubin Taraporewala

After both his colleagues Yash and Nekzaad lost their respective matches to Tanmay Rane & saurabh Mohite, Mustafa leveled the scores In the reverse singles , beating in form Tanmay Rane, in  a well contested five games battle. Mustafa won this match for his better ball control, while playing far away from the table. Here again, the youngster was disappointed as Parthav completed the formalities with 3-0 win over his colleague Yash Doshi.

Dev Shroff ( Ext Right) with his MLWB-KKB team mates Rajesh Singh( Ext R) & Gaurav Parte( Centre)

Dev Shroff ( Ext Right) with his MLWB-KKB team mates Rajesh Singh( Ext -L) & Gaurav Parte( Centre)

In the Women’s Inter Club First division  League, MLWB-KKB ‘B’ represented by Ruchira Manerkar & Dr. Anagha Joshi stopped the winning run of PJ Hindu Gymkhana Women’s team, when they defeated them in well fought 5 matches battle, with Ruchira winning both her singles matches against PJ’s star player Krisha Agarwal and Neeta Kulkarni. Though PJ girls won the crucial doubles match with ease, the deciding match was won by MLWB’s Anagha.

The results of the Men’s Inter Club League matches are as follows:  

P.J.Hindu Gymkhana ‘A’ beat MLWB-KKB’E’ 3-0, beat CCI ‘A’ 3-2.

Parsee Gymkhana beat CCI ‘A’ 3-1

MLWB KKB ‘A’ beat PJ Hindu Gymkhana ‘B’

MLWB-KKB ‘A’ beat MLWB-KKB –‘E’ 3-0


Results of Women’s Inter Club League:

MLWB –KKB ‘B’ beat PJHG 3-2, beat MLWB-NMJ ‘B’ 3-0, beat Garware 3-0.

MLWB-KKB ‘C’ beat NSCI 3-0

MLWB KKB ‘A’ beat MLWB –KKB ‘C’ 3-0

Results of Men’s Inter Office 1st Division:

FCI beat Godrej & Boyce 3-1

FCI beat New India Assurance 3-2

Air India beat Godrej & Boyce 3-0

Inter Office Women’s 1st Division

RBI beat LIC 3-0 , beat LIC 3-0

Air India beat IOC ‘A’ 3-0, beat BEST 3-0