‘Tiger’ unites RAW & ISI to eliminate international terrorist group

Can you ever imagine that RAW and ISI the two intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan would come together for the common mission i.e. to eliminate an international terrorist group and its most wanted chief ? But, latest released Bollywood film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has made this possible. If you are presenting a fiction, anything is possible, right from writing the script to presentation of characters and their heroic acts. Thanks to Yashraj Films for offering such a fiction, which is full of unbelievable action like our Hollywood action films; but, with a touch of emotions.TRiger Zinda hai

In this sequel of original film ‘Ek Tha Tiger ’ we notice  former RAW agent Tiger(Salman Khan) recalled by his chief ( Girish karnad) after tracing him somewhere in Austria. Tiger, who is happily living his post marriage life with wife Zoya ( Katrina kaif) for the past eight years,  has a little son. But, his wife reminds him of his duty to his nation and that’s how Tiger leads the mission on his own terms. This time, he is handed over the toughest  job of rescuing 25 Indian nurses , who along with 15 Pakistani nurses are kept hostage by  a terrorist  organization ISC in Iraq to attend their chief Abu Usman(Abu Usman), who is injured in an attack by American troupe  on their group. After Tiger takes up the challenge with his group, he is also joined by Pakistan’s ISI agents with the help of  Zoya’s past  connection.

How they make impossible things possible is what the script writers Ali Abbas Zafar , Neelesh Misra  and director Ali Abbas Zafar have tried to show on the screen for almost more than two and half hours. Both Salman Khan and Katrina kaif have impressed through their respective characters. They have received good support from other artistes comprising of versatile and newcomers . But, Paresh Rawal  and Kumud Mishra entertain  through their respective  characters of raw agents . A lot of money seems to have been spent to give a realistic look to action sequences at  some foreign location at places like Abu Dhabi, Austria, Greece and Morocco. Music by Vishal Shekhar is good for the first song, but background music by Julius Packiam is impressive. Another plus point of this film is its superb photography by Marcin Laskawiec. All in all, it is a typical action filled Bollywood film with a touch of Hollywood style action, but  has been stretched too long. Now, it remains to be seen, whether the audience would appreciate this big budget film with lots of unbelievable happenings.

Rating : (***)